About Us

Mission: To create a practical, powerful, natural skin care line that just makes sense to use and recommend.

Makes Scents Natural Spa Line was created to slough away dead skin cells and environmental toxins, as well as purify, tone and hydrate to reveal your skin’s intrinsic, beautiful state. Using combinations of high quality mixtures utilizing organic sugar, Epsom, Israeli Dead Sea, and Mediterranean Sea salts, along with other natural additives such as aloe, colloidal oatmeal, fruit seeds and extracts, clay, sea kelp and organic vegetable-based oils, Makes Scents Natural Spa Line is a perfect fit for at-home use or for your spa treatment line and produces soft, supple, radiant skin

Heather & Nathan Kreider - Makes Scents Natural Spa LineMakes Scents Natural Spa Line in Lancaster, PA was founded by spa industry veterans Heather and Nathan Kreider in 2010. Having worked at a world-renowned spa and other resort spas throughout their careers, the couple’s launch of Makes Scents was a natural professional fit for them. But the underlying drive and determination to launch the company came from a much more personal motivation – their personal quest to overcome some difficult circumstances and to turn life’s lemons into body products.

It all began when Heather and Nathan began creating luxurious bars of handmade, natural soap as a hobby and self-prescribed therapy to soothe their souls as they faced some personal hardships. To their delight, their business quickly grew into a much larger venture. Now they create many different lines of body products for premium spas and salons where others can enjoy them as they rejuvenate, relieve stress and escape their everyday worries and cares.

About the Owners

Heather has worked as a Registered Nurse and esthetician in the spa industry for over twenty years. Her credentials include specialized European skincare training through the International Dermal Institute. With her education in skincare and experience in the spa industry, Heather channels her expertise and passion for exceptional products into producing high-quality skincare treatments using only the best quality, all-natural ingredients.

For over fifteen years, Nathan has worked as a Certified Massage Therapist. He is skilled in various massage modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Lomi Lomi, Reflexology, and Reiki. In addition, he’s trained in numerous other body therapies including body scrubs and wraps. With a love for the spa industry and a drive to provide a superior skincare line that will enhance people’s spa experience, Nathan brings his enthusiasm, business acumen and pursuit of excellence to all he does at Makes Scents Natural Spa Line.

Heather and Nathan are also backed by an incredibly talented and knowledgeable team of professionals who put quality first as they produce natural spa products that look beautiful, smell divine and feel exquisite.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: To create a practical, powerful, natural skin care line while giving back to the community and achieving profitable growth.

Vision: From our heart to yours, it is our promise to provide outstanding service through our knowledge and expertise as well as provide luxurious, natural body products for use at home and in the professional spa setting. We are dedicated to protect our environment and health and to give back to our local and national communities.

Values: At Makes Scents Natural Spa Line, we:

Commit to consistently produce the highest quality, natural and environmentally-friendly products.

Provide superior customer service while maintaining a blend of professionalism along with a fun and relaxed experience.

Cultivate a team-based working environment which enhances morale and maintains a positive and fun atmosphere.

Display dependability, honesty and respectfulness throughout all business relations.

Maintain a spirit of motivation, inspiration and dedication to ourselves, each other and our company.

Devote ourselves to giving back to our local and nationwide community and inspire others to do the same.