Product Shelf Life…When to Let Go of the Goods

Product Shelf Life…When to Let Go of the GoodsSpring means clean. A time to go through closets, take out what we no longer use and head to the local donation center. Scrub, buff and shine everything from ceiling to floor. It also means taking on the task of decluttering that unruly bathroom cabinet of all the hair, skin, nail and body products collected over the past year. But when is the right time to let go of your oh-so-amazing treasures?

1-2 Years Life Expectancy

If the product does not come in contact with the skin, two years is the magic number. When a product does not directly touch the skin, the product is less likely to be contaminated with bacteria.

On the other hand, when we dip into a jar or apply directly onto the skin the risk of bacterial contamination rises and the shelf life decreases to one year. If you must product dip, wash your hands prior to use or use a disposable wooden product spatula to prevent contamination.

Natural or Organic

The smaller the ingredient list the shorter the shelf life. For products that do not contain harsh chemicals such as parabens, or have natural or organic on the label, go with a six month shelf life. The less “stuff” in a product the better for the environment and the body; however, such products do have a negative side effect, a shortened shelf life.

Tips for Storage

It is always best to keep your skincare goodies in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The warmer the product becomes the more fragile, natural ingredients become and the higher the risk the product will breed bacteria and mold. Cool, dry and away from the sun is best.


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