Coconut Oil: Is this “Drupe” a Dupe?

Coconut Oil: Is this "Drupe" a Dupe?Coconut oil has gained quite the attention over the past few months. But is all the hype really justified? Does the oil from this “drupe” (aka fruit with a hard shell) really treat or cure everything under the sun or is it just a dupe? Well, we gave this miracle oil a try and want to share our thoughts and results with you.

Hydrating Hair Mask

Let me just say, our team member, Genessa, LOVES coconut oil. She especially loves using coconut oil as a hydrating hair mask. Below are her tips straight from her bathroom to yours:

Genessa’s Coconut Hydrating Hair Mask

1 Tbs. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Plastic Shower Cap or Towel

Directions: Warm coconut oil in your hands and apply directly to dry hair. Apply shower cap or towel (shower cap is best) and leave on for at least an hour. During this time, you can catch up on your favorite reruns of Friends (Genessa’s favorite TV show) or maybe start that book you’ve been wanting to read. After an hour or so, wash your hair with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. Voilà! Hydrated, soft, frizz-free hair that is full of shine!

Eye Makeup Remover

I wasn’t really sure about using coconut oil as an eye makeup remover but I had to give it a try. I must say it works and the results are AMAZING! What a simple way to remove makeup without all the harmful chemicals that most brands contain. During my grocery run today, I did a little research on eye makeup removers and what I found isn’t shocking; there are a lot of chemicals and not-so-great ingredients in eye makeup remover! Mineral oil (poor clogging), propylene glycol (industrial grade antifreeze) and parabens are just a few I found on the ingredient lists. That isn’t anything I want near the delicate skin around my eyes. No thank you! From now on, I am sticking with coconut oil. So go ahead, give it a try. I promise, you will never use anything else!

Coconut Oil: Is this "Drupe" a Dupe?Oil Pulling

OK, we have to admit, we have heard some weird stuff over the years but this has to be one of the oddest things we have ever heard of. Oil pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, dates back thousands of years. Basically the process is simple: rinse your mouth with water and one tablespoon of coconut oil for 10 to 15 minutes. After 10 to 15 minutes, spit out the rinse into the trash (not your toilet or sink unless you want to call the plumber in the morning). According to oil pulling enthusiasts, oil puling helps to prevent bad breath and cavities, remove plaque and toxins from the body and soothe inflamed gums. Although there is no research backing these claims, our natural correspondent, “D,” who has been using this process for a few days has already noticed whiter teeth! White teeth without harsh chemicals and the pain of sensitivity? Yes please!

We would love to hear from you! How have you used this miracle oil and what benefits have you noticed?

Are you looking for body products that contain organic virgin coconut oil? Check out two of our fan favorites: Tropical Isle Coconut Body Scrub and Body Butter!

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  1. Nice post! I’ve been using coconut oil to remove eye makeup for a few years and love it! Never heard of using it as a hair mask though. I’ve got to try that! Still not so sure about the oil pulling…I’ll save that one for a day when I’m feeling extra adventurous. 🙂

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