DIY Beauty: 100% Natural Cream Blush

DIY Cream Blush _ Makes Scents Natural Spa LineAre you ready for the spring season? Spring is the season of colors. It’s a time for us to shed our winter jackets and add color back into our lives! And one of the simplest tricks to incorporate color this season is to update our makeup collection and add fun, new colors! This spring, why not add a new, vibrant cheek color to your makeup palette? Below we’ve included our DIY Cream Blush recipe for you to try at home. Save money and create your own luxurious blush using only natural ingredients!

There are four ingredients that you will need:
2 tsp. Organic Shea Butter
1 tsp. Vegetable-Based Emulsifying Wax
1 tbsp. Aloe Leaf Juice
Finely ground Beet Root Powder (pink) or Madder Root Powder (Orange)
1-ounce container

With just a few ingredients you can make numerous jars of cream blush of which you will be proud to share with your friends.

DIY Cream Blush - Makes Scents Natural Spa LineNow let’s get started!
Step 1: Add organic shea butter and emulsifying wax into a glass bowl.
Step 2: Heat the mixture on a double-boiler until everything melts.
Step 3: Add aloe leaf juice to the mixture, stir slowly until blended.
Step 4: While stirring, gradually add pigment(s) of your choice, until the color reaches your desired shade.
Step 5: Pour the mixture into a container and let it cool.

Prep time: 5 minutes to get everything well-blended.
Cooling: Although the cooling takes another 30 minutes, overall this project is easy from start and quick to finish.

DIY Cream Blush - Makes Scents Natural Spa LineOh là là! Here are the results! If you like this project, give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

BingBing - Makes Scents Natural Spa Line

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WARNING/CAUTION: For external use only. If product contacts eye, wash eye immediately with large amounts of water for several minutes, especially under the eyelids. Consult an eye specialist if irritation persists. Do not use if you have allergies to the ingredients listed above. Patch testing recommended prior to use.

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12 Responses to “DIY Beauty: 100% Natural Cream Blush”

  1. Hi Lola! It will solidify but remain soft enough to apply, just like a cream blush.

  2. Does this formula solidify or will it stay as cream?

  3. Hi Michelle! Yes, you would add the oils during the double boil phase. Just use caution with how much oil you use because the more liquid oil that is added, the blush will not set up/harden. Enjoy!

  4. Im so excited to try this. ive also purchased some oils like rosehip oil and apricot kernel oil etc. to add to the mixture. at what point would I add these oils? will still in the double boiler? thanks!

  5. Hi Diya,

    Since there is aloe vera juice in this product, along with shea butter, it must have an emulsifier to blend the water-based aloe and the shea butter (oil) together. Otherwise, both ingredients will separate. The only other option is to only use shea butter and a natural colorant, without using aloe and the emulsifier. I hope this information helps!

    All my best,


  6. Hey Heather,
    What could you use to substitute vegetable based emulsifying wax?

  7. Hi Pia! So sorry for the delay. I think when our website updated, your comment was lost in internet land. When Maria commented today, I saw your post. You can definitely try other natural colorants, but you will need to do some testing. Cocoa powder is great for the skin in a mask but you will need to see how your skin does if it is applied and not removed within 10-20 minutes, as you would with a mask. Give it a try and let us know what you come up with!

  8. Hi Maria! You sure can. The consistency will be much different though. What we suggest is to make very small batches, always use clean hands when applying and you can even store in the fridge for a longer shelf life. Thanks for the comment and enjoy!

  9. Can you use glycerin instead of aloe vera? I try to avoid using aloe vera for products that I want to last a long time. Fresh aloe vera has a lot of preservation needs and a short shelf life, while store bought aloe vera has preservatives that defeat the purpose of using it as an ingredient for natural DIY anything.

  10. Thanks for the blog! Do you recommend an ingredient we can add to the pigments to change the color tones? I’ve seen that people add cocoa powder. Would it be ok to do the same with your recipe?

  11. Hi Kate!

    Unfortunately, in this recipe, you cannot. Water/aloe and oil do not mix which is why you need an emulsifier, which combines them together. You can try adjusting the recipe by using all shea butter but the end result will be oily and super shiny. I hope this information helps!

    All my best,

  12. Can you use bees wax instead of the other wax? And can this be for stick forms of blush/lip sticks?

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