Self-Care Tips to Ease Holiday Stress

This time of year brings abundant tidings of joy — and also a fair share of stress! The pressure is on to get everything done and make everyone happy. There’s gift shopping, planning festive gatherings, and visiting family near (or far) — and only a short window to check it all off the to-do list. 

How will you get through the holidays without putting your mental health to the test? Self-care is the answer. While it may sound counterproductive, carve out time from your busy schedule to treat yourself right. It will help ensure you have the energy and mindset to tackle your overflowing plate of holiday tasks. 

5 Ways to Keep Calm and Enjoy the Holiday Season

Self-Care Tips to Ease Holiday Stress1. Soak Away Stress in a Soothing Bath

Relaxing in a bathtub with warm (not too hot) water helps ease muscle tension as it gives your mind and body a rest. Look for all-natural bath products that help enhance the benefits, such as bath infusions with therapeutic salts and calming essential oils. 

2. Luxuriate in a Massage, Manicure, or Pedicure

Consider booking an appointment at your favorite spa where you’ll support a local business as you take some much-deserved me time. Or, if you won’t have time to get away, go the DIY route — use some professional-grade spa body scrubs and body butter to indulge your skin from neck to toe with gentle exfoliation and intensive hydration. 

3. Simplify Your Holiday Shopping

Why make gift-giving more challenging than it has to be? Look for local businesses that offer pre-assembled holiday gift sets or customizable gift collections that make it easy to please even the most difficult-to-shop-for friends and family members on your list. 

Self-Care Tips to Ease Holiday Stress4. Infuse Your Home with Aromatherapy 

Whether dispensed throughout a room via a diffuser or spray, essential oils with calming properties can help promote relaxation and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

Several essential oils well-suited for this purpose include: 

Or choose a blend with a combination of essential oils known for their soothing effects.

5. Delegate Tasks to Others

Know when to say “when.” If you’re feeling overwhelmed because you’re doing EVERYTHING, ask for help

Sometimes people don’t realize you’re struggling because you’ve always handled the details — large and small — on your own without complaint. Oblivious to how exasperated and exhausted you feel, they may even think you enjoy your role as “maestro” of all things because you’ve never expressed otherwise. 

Rather than keep it all in and become resentful, let your loved ones know you need their assistance. Chances are, they will happily oblige.  

Mind Your Mental Health for a Merrier Holiday

With the hectic season upon us, we encourage you to take care of YOU through mindful actions to decrease stress and prevent you from overextending yourself. Here’s to merry months ahead!

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